Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eurovision, F**k Yeah!

So for those of you not in the know, and let's face it that's most of us Americans. Eurovision is the single most amazing event in the history of the world. One would think that it would be when man discovered fire, or when man walked on the Moon, but those achievements, though remarkable, pale in comparison to the wonder that is Eurovision.

I feel that it is my duty, to share this joy with America. My good friend Asan and I will be traveling to Germany this May to partake in the joyous, flamboyant, jubilaciousness that is this yearly sacred event. We head out for Deutschland Sunday May 8th, 2011  Until then, let me wet your appetites with 1 previous finalist and a current Semi-finalist. First, hailing from the Ukraine I give you Ms. Verka Serduchka!

And for Jeff and Jon who can't join us, I present Jedward without comment...